Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye (SPOILER ALERT!!)

Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye

Today, I decided to watch the movie since it’s my day off. At first, I was wondering what’s about the line “ Kung mahal mo ako, bakit mo ako pinapapili?” then I found out that it came from this movie (Hello, Love, Goodbye). There’s a lot of rumours, tweets, post and hashtags, etc. about the movie. I’ve even read that Kathryn is halimaw on this movie and her tandem with Alden is impressive.

So, here’s my quick thought about the movie. I've warned you already. If you haven't watched the movie yet, better check this after watching. Hehe!

This is a very good movie! No wonder it has good reviews and feedback. I’m impressed that ABS-CBN was able to come up with this amazing master piece. This movie was directed by Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Ms. Kathryn Bernardo and Mr. Alden Richards. This is not their first break away from their original screen partners but they always exceed our expectations.

The first opening of their movie, now holds the record for the highest grossing film this year 2019. Just to let you know, they just earned 34.5 million pesos for the first screening. For me, their tandem is unexpected but they have a good Chemistry honestly. The two are both well known artists and I can’t imagine what will be the outcome of this movie. 

This movie will shot you hard. Aside from the punchy dialogue and kilig scene it will teach you important lessons as well.

Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye

Kathryn Bernardo plays the role of Joy Marie Fabregas. She is a very hard working Filipina OFW in Hong Kong. She gave us the justice on how she portrayed her character. Though Joy is a nursing graduate she decided to work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper to support her family back in the Philippines. But sooner she will be moving in Canada to achieve her dreams.

On her character you can see and feel the hard work and sacrifices of our kababayans as a domestic helper. You need to be patient, be careful and flexible to survive the everyday living. She’s striving hard just to fulfill her dreams and to complete her family in Canada. Despite of these she will meet a stranger who will love and help her. 

Selfless that’s the word who will describe Joy!

Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye

Have you ever tried to talk to a stranger?

Based on the movie, It’s better to talk to a stranger! why? because they will not judge you, you don’t know each other and they will just forget what you have told them or maybe they don’t even care.

Let’s talk about Alden Richards who plays the role of Ethan del Rosario. He’s a bartender. A happy-go-lucky guy. He don’t have a plan for his life until he meets Joy.

When Ethan meets Joy he became diligent to pursue the love of Joy, but he’s charms don't work on Joy and that challenges him. He wants to know more about Joy, and he wants to be a part of her life. Ethan really cares to Joy, gave all the love that Joy’s deserve. But does love is enough to keep together? And at the end he will not get something in return.

Best scene of Ethan for me is when he had a dramatic scene with his family and the way on how he convinced Joy to stay with him in Hong Kong. 

Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye

The movie is very timely for modern Filipinos. Discussing the hard work and sacrifices of Overseas Filipino Worker. This is a tribute for our kababayan! It’s a good movie to watch, Romance and Comedy. Not your typical Love story! The lesson learned to this movie is, it teaches you to have tough decisions and choice that needs to be respected. It teaches you on how to be responsible. It’s okay to prioritize yourself sometimes.

I will end it here with these questions:

- Are you ready to love someone even you don’t have the assurance?
-Are you willing to take a change even though you know at the end you will not get anything in return?
-What will you choose Family Responsibility, Job or Love?

Leave your answers in the comment section below!

Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye (SPOILER ALERT!!) Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye (SPOILER ALERT!!) Reviewed by Mike Baluyut on August 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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